Change your habits. Heal your life.

The Vibrant Body/Wise Mind is year-long program is for women who want healthy habits for a vibrant body, a wise mind, and an easeful life.
You learn and adopt 10 simple lifestyle habits that heal your body and mind and ultimately change your life.

Join the Vibrant Body/Wise Mind community and you will:

I’m so glad I said yes to this course. It makes so much sense to me. My body and mind have been waiting for this.
— Kelly
  • Feel less stress and overwhelm

  • Sleep better

  • Have more energy

  • Eat right for your body

  • Develop a daily meditation practice

  • Increase your intuition

  • Streamline your day

  • Connect with a community of supportive women

  • Gain confidence in your ability to take action in your life

  • Acquire healthy habits for a lifetime of health and wellbeing


The Vibrant Body/Wise Mind program is based on 10 lifestyle habits of Yoga and Ayurveda - ancient healing traditions designed to promote wellness in body and mind.

The daily habits are simple, yet powerful ways to take charge of your mental and physical health. Discover how establishing a self-care routine and creating balance in your day will help you live the life you’ve always wanted.


I had the nurse take my blood pressure last week. It was 120 over 80! I met my first goal. I feel amazing!
— Barb
I cried today thinking of you and this group while I lunched with my 93-year-old grandfather...
you’ve all helped me be present and appreciate things more fully.
— January

The Vibrant Body Wise Mind Year-Long COURSE includes:


Three rounds of the 12-week Vibrant Body/Wise Mind course. (Upcoming start dates: April 2019, August 2019, November 2019)

Downloadable video lessons for each habit. Over time, you will see improvements in your stress level, your mood, your sleep, your diet and more.

Live group coaching online and/or in-person sessions. We meet online or in-person setting depending on the course schedule. These sessions provide time to ask questions and receive support from me and from the other participants.

A hard copy of the book: Body Thrive by Cate Stillman, the essential manual for up-leveling your body and your life with 10 habits from Ayurveda and Yoga. This is the book we read together.

A copy of the Vibrant Body/Wise Mind workbook. You have worksheets to deepen your learning and support your new habits.

An accountability partner. You will match up with another course member to support each other between group coaching sessions. You see better results when you are accountable to someone else. You feel inspired and stay motivated when you receive the kind of personalized support that comes from sharing a common goal.

Individual coaching sessions. You receive additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me. I am there to support your personal evolution and problem solve when challenges arise.

Access to our private Facebook group only for Vibrant Body/Wise Mind members. There you can ask questions, receive answers, share breakthroughs and get support from me and your peers.

I may be the only person to ever start crying during Lael’s video lessons, but I don’t care. When something clicks at the right time, it’s POWERFUL.
— -Sarah


  • Strategic Planning Workshop Series in January plus 3 quarterly planning sessions in April, July & October. 

  • Invitation to our summer and winer retreats

  • Free admission to any of my lectures and webinars throughout the year.

  • Monthly meet-ups with other course members for connection and learning.

  • Discount on individual coaching sessions with Lael

“The habits in this course are helping me recognize the courage I have inside.”
— Michelle

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Are you ready for a vibrant body and wise mind?

I’m so excited for you! Let's schedule a time to meet online or in person. I want to hear about where you are now and where you want to be. I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Together we’ll determine whether you’re ready for this transformative experience. 

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