Detoxing for Normal People

Detoxing for Normal People: What it is and why YOU would benefit. It’s not all about green juice and deprivation! In fact, a detox can be very nourishing and grounding. Learn why taking a time out from substances, media, and other toxic inputs allows your body and mind the opportunity to heal. You'll feel equipped and inspired to create your very own at-home detox.

Prioritizing Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others,” but with all the demands on our time and energy, how can we possibly make time to take care of ourselves? Or perhaps you think you are doing a pretty good job taking care of yourself, except honestly you’re still tired, stressed out and not having much fun. Listen to learn practical self-care strategies for the busy human and how when we prioritize ourselves, those around us benefit too.

Sleep Essentials

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you are not alone. 70% of Americans are currently sleep deprived (getting less than 7 hours a night) which leads to all kinds of health and immune issues. If you are sick, overweight, stressed, anxious or depressed, getting better sleep can help. How we live during the day determines how we sleep at night. Rewiring our nervous system requires patience. Lael shares the Ayurvedic perspective on sleep deprivation and gives you practical strategies to begin making progress toward better sleep today.

Family Meetings

Lael talks about the common struggles of modern families and how family meetings can help. Learn the benefits of family meetings, how to codify your family values, and a simple plan for getting started. Lael addresses the challenges to successful family meetings such as how to engage reluctant family members or involve young children. Listen to learn how family meetings can help your family move from chaos to thrive.

Thrive the Holidays

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. We love the lights, food and festivities, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the work involved. Some of us feel resigned to the weight gain and fatigue that feel inevitable. For some of us, the holidays bring feelings of sadness or loss. Lael helps us envision the kind of holiday we want to have and provides practical self-care tips for thriving, not just surviving the holidays.