Say Yes to You


Many of us can relate to having long “to do” lists and many responsibilities. We struggle to find time for ourselves. Our self-care often looks like grabbing a coffee and a treat while running around town or drinking wine and numbing out with our screens at the end of the day. It feels like self-care and while it might be taking the edge off of our harried lives, it doesn’t help us be better in the long run. Listen and reflect how you can shift from spending on stuff to feel better to investing in being better.

The Cure for Negative Self Talk


We all have it—the voice inside our heads that tells us we aren't [blank] enough. The voice that runs a critical commentary on all that we do. That voice, aka negative self-talk, can be devastating. It keeps us from trying new things, trusting ourselves and others, and from experiencing joy and peace in our lives. But, we can learn to befriend that critical voice, and when we do, we free ourselves from being bossed around by it. We might even come to appreciate that voice and the wisdom it has to offer. 

Sleep Essentials


If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you are not alone. 70% of Americans are currently sleep deprived (getting less than 7 hours a night) which leads to all kinds of health and immune issues. If you are sick, overweight, stressed, anxious or depressed, getting better sleep can help. How we live during the day determines how we sleep at night. Rewiring our nervous system requires patience. Lael shares the Ayurvedic perspective on sleep deprivation and gives you practical strategies to begin making progress toward better sleep today.

Family Meetings


Lael talks about the common struggles of modern families and how family meetings can help. Learn the benefits of family meetings, how to codify your family values, and a simple plan for getting started. Lael addresses the challenges to successful family meetings such as how to engage reluctant family members or involve young children. Listen to learn how family meetings can help your family move from chaos to thrive.