Relationships & Parenting

Being in relationship can be some of the most rewarding and most challenging experiences in our lives. A single relationship can embody both extremes of intense love and total frustration. It has been said that everyone is our mirror meaning that what comes up for us in our relationships is actually our own stuff to be worked through. I believe this whole heartedly and that's why my work with people isn't about how to influence the other person so they behave in ways that are less annoying or hurtful or stressful to us, but about how we can change ourselves. Our perceptions, our reactions and our attitudes.

These personal changes are what ultimately influence and change the relationships we're in - whether with our kids, our partner, or our co-workers, but sometimes we need to start with some practical skills for how to be a more effective communicator, or how to set boundaries. Perhaps we've been betrayed by a loved one or hurt by a parent or a friend and these experiences need to be processed and digested. Sometimes we find ourselves in a difficult work or peer relationship and we feel stuck and conflicted about what to do. Exploring these relationships in therapy helps make sense of our feelings and our reactions and helps us figure out what to do to feel better.

I have years of experience helping people

  • navigate challenging relationships with family members and peers
  • cope with affairs and other betrayals of trust
  • influence change within their intimate relationships or determining whether to end it
  • cultivate new friendships and relationships
  • parent difficult kids and change their family dynamics

I often see people for their own individual work while they are in couples counseling and enjoy collaborating with couples therapists.

I love coaching and supporting parents who's kids are in individual therapy.