Cancer Support

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may be one of the most difficult moments in your life.  I know it was for me. There was so much to process! How serious is it? How do I treat it? What's going to happen to my family, my job, my life as I know it? Cancer affects every part of our lives: physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Each stage in the process seems to bring more questions, intense emotions, and new challenges to adjust to. We can feel scared, confused, angry and isolated. 

If you can relate, you might also be wondering if counseling can help. Let me assure you, it can. I know from personal experience as well as from working with other women survivors that having the space to process what you are going through reduces confusion and isolation. Learning new coping strategies increases confidence in your ability to get through this and improves your outlook. Understanding how cancer is affecting you and your loved ones, helps make some sense out of all the craziness. 

I would be honored to help you navigate this chapter in your life and support your goals not only to survive, but thrive!

Some other reasons people seek counseling when they are dealing with cancer or the aftermath include:

  • Feeling conflicted or confused about their treatment options
  • Feeing sad about how life "used to be"
  • Body-image concerns
  • Stressed relationships and/or conflict in their families
  • Feeling anxious about recurrence
  • Difficulty relating to people outside of cancer-land
  • Facing end-of-life issues

Some women find all the support they need to reclaim their health and well-being by being a part of the Vibrant Body/Wise Mind community. Some women find they want individual therapy before they are ready for a group experience. Where ever you are, I'm happy to talk with you about how I can best support you.