Back to School Challenge

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Video 5: take small steps

We’ve come to the end of the challenge! Congratulations for prioritizing yourself and making things better for you and your family. If you missed any of the video's this week have a look at:

Video 1: Plan Your Week | Video 2: Plan Your Meals | Video 3: Get Better Sleep | Video 4: Destress Your Morning

One last video will bring it all together and teach you how easy it can be to make the changes you want. Really! It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. 

You can also view this video on YouTube at:

How does it feel to take a few minutes each day to improve your life? Would you like to keep these kinds of changes going? You can!

Our online personal growth course, Vibrant Body / Wise Mind, is now open for enrollment. You'll continue taking steps to care for your body and mind, improving your life and the lives of those around you. You’ll learn habits and mindsets that help you feel alive, present, and purposeful.

When we talk to potential course members about the Vibrant Body / Wise Mind course, we hear all of their fears and resistance. And we also hear how much pain and discomfort they are stuck in. They are:  

  • Over-scheduled, exhausted, anxious, depressed

  • Struggling with digestive issues, headaches, insomnia

  • Experiencing weight issues, inflammation, hormonal imbalance

  • Crabby, critical and annoyed with people

  • Wound up, unfocused, disorganized


In the Vibrant Body / Wise Mind course, you will: 

  • Have mentors with experience and a plan.

  • Be part of a community of women who are also committed to self-care.

  • Learn sustainable habits that are natural, holistic, and doable. 

  • Use proven strategies for habit change. 

  • Make slow, steady changes - no drastic overhauls!

  • Develop a growth mindset and believe in your potential.

And the results will come. You will:

  • Have natural energy (even without caffeine)

  • Feel calm, caring, kind, and peaceful

  • Get focused and clear headed

  • Fall asleep easier, getting deep rest

  • Establish strong digestion with regular BM's

  • Reduce chronic pain and disease patterns

You can have these results when you make the empowered choice to say: 
YES! I commit to myself. My wellbeing is a priority. 

Want to learn more?

Read about the course, and then schedule a phone call with Lael or Kirstin to talk about it.