Back to School Challenge

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Video 4: destress your morning

Today we want to talk about one of the most challenging times for most of us: getting out the door in the morning!

In this video you’ll learn how to get everyone out the door with less stress. No more yelling. No more tears. 

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After watching today’s video, come over to the Vibrant Wise Life Facebook group, and tell us what small step you can make to start your morning right.

We Need Self-Care Every Day

The Back to School Challenge gives you a taste of how good it feels to take a few small steps toward organizing your life and prioritizing healthy habits for you and your family.

This is what we teach in the Vibrant Body / Wise Mind course - habits and mindsets that help you feel alive, present, and purposeful. We are opening the doors now for you to enroll in our next session which starts September 18. 

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