How to prepare for a session

I love the questions and ideas generated from conversations with others. Like this one: "How should I prepare for my session with you?" It got me thinking about how often we are rushing through our days - moving from one important activity to the next until we fall into bed, often too late, only to start thinking about what we have to do the next day.

We may have evolved enough now to actually schedule in our self-care (a massage or acupuncture or therapy perhaps) but due to the pace of our lives, we rush in at the last minute and then scoot off to our next scheduled activity hardly relishing the effects of the treatment. How would it be to also schedule space around our self-care in order to adequately prepare our bodies and minds to receive and then integrate the experience? My guess is that we'd get better results and the effects would be longer lasting!

So why not experiment? Here are some tips to prepare for your session with me.

1. Arrive early to your appointment. Schedule your appointment so you can arrive 5-10 minutes early. Make a cup of tea or have a glass of water and just sit and rest for a few minutes. Resist the urge to scan your phone or a magazine. Take some deep breaths. Allow your body and mind to arrive in the same space. Give yourself the gift of simply resting for a few moments.

2. Be available to receive.  Schedule your appointment at a time that allows you to be open to what comes up in session and time afterwards to integrate your experience. This may mean scheduling your appointment at the end of your day or taking an hour off afterwards to journal, walk or have a bite to eat. I can speak from experience that it is nearly impossible to be open and vulnerable if you have to have it all together for a business meeting right after therapy. You're investing in your personal growth, so allow yourself the opportunity to really dive deep and let go. I guarantee you will release more unwanted baggage and receive more insight if you aren't holding back or holding it all together in session.

3.  Keep a journal. Make a habit to start recording your thoughts and feelings in between sessions. Make note of any events or interactions with others and the thoughts or feelings that came up around them. Write down what you are grateful for and where you see yourself making progress. Writing helps you code information more deeply in your brain and a journal serves to jog your memory in session.

4. Do your homework. Those who take what they learn in session and practice it between sessions get more out of therapy. Think of it this way, you pay for a 50-minute session, but you get to reap the benefits all week long. Those who commit to changing their habits and implement what they are learning in therapy experience exponential growth. Those who just show up for sessions without having giving a thought to their personal growth since last session, are surely getting something, but not what they could be with doing focused work between sessions.

5. Be comfy. Perhaps you've noticed I've taken to wearing slippers for sessions. You can too! If your sessions involve yoga, Reiki or if you just prefer to sit on a pillow on the floor, do yourself a favor and dress comfortably. When your body is at ease, your mind can relax. When your mind is relaxed, you have easier access to your intuition - which is where your answers reside!