Pause. Reflect. Reset.

I’ve always been a dreamer. As a kid I loved imagining my future and all the possibilities. Three kids. No kids. Living overseas. Living in a city. Working with others. Working alone. I never really knew how it would all work out. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned there were tools to make those dreams a reality.

Now, I put my dreams into action. I pause at the start of each season to reflect on what’s working in my life, and what’s not. I get clear about where it is I want to grow and what steps will lead me there. I consider all this in the context of the current season - because just as the world has a cycle of growth and rest, so do we.

Stopping to reflect at the change of every season, helps us reset, refocus and get clear about how we want to live in the coming months. We get back to basics. Back to what's important to us. Sometimes we make changes to our habits, sometimes to our schedule, and sometimes to our beliefs.

Its personal and intuitive work, and yet so necessary if we want to live lives of purpose. To make the most of our limited time here. To achieve our potential. Maybe for personal gain, but for most - our motivation has to do with our family, our work, and doing what we can to create a better world.

Disorganized, reactive and overwhelmed people can't do this. Sorry!

Clear, focused and intentional people can. 

The practice of seasonal planning has radically changed my work, my lifestyle and how I spend my time and money. I don’t feel guilty or overwhelmed like I used to. Negativity and bad habits don’t take root for long. I understand that what I am experiencing has everything to do with how I am thinking and acting and that I have the power to change that. 

How do you want to feel this fall? What dreams would you like to make a reality?  Let’s make it happen.