Summer Thrive Guide

Summer is here in all it's hot, dry & busy glory. If you've been on the roads this summer, you've seen it. Everyone out and about making the most of the season, some of us more frazzled and fried than others -  all of which takes a toll on our bodies and minds.

I have some simple tips to help you keep your cool this summer. No, it's not the latest low-cal spritzer wine or a unicorn floatie, although both do look pretty refreshing. 

Summer can be described as hot, dry, humid and fast and since we aren't separate from nature, we also experience these qualities in our bodies and mind. (heartburn or road rage anyone?)

When we notice symptoms of burn out in our body and mind, it's time to incorporate some cooling, neutralizing and relaxing activities. Think: watermelon, cool showers, and hammock time.

And I recommend incorporating the first habit I teach in my Vibrant Body/Wise Mind course which is eating an Earlier, Lighter Dinner.

Your body is designed to digest it's largest meal during the day, not at night. Eat earlier and lighter and you'll digest your food before bed reducing the toxic load on your body. You’ll wake up sparky vs. with a food hangover.

Aim to eat dinner before 6:30 pm then close your kitchen. No snacking. 

Aim for simple, easy to digest foods: think soup or salad. Avoid meat, alcohol and heavy foods.

Try it out. I promise you will decrease the physical load on your body and therefore your mind, too. (Remember, the body and brain are connected.) You’ll feel lighter in body and mind. 

You'll avoid arriving in fall burned out and fried which results in reduced immunity leaving you susceptible to every germ bug this winter.

When you incorporate more cooling, relaxing activities and eat an earlier, lighter dinner, you’ll have more energy for all the summer fun yet to come.