Invitation to Change

“This lunar cycle opens up with a fiery new moon on Aries which occurs on April 15...On the same day as the new moon, Mercury will station direct. Revealing what was hidden, Mercury’s change in direction sets us out on a new cycle with greater clarity.  

“This new moon is also the last in Aries to conjunct Uranus for the next 80 or so years….this new moon promises to be awakening, helping us to break new ground and make bold new beginnings.”   -Chani Nicolas.

I don’t know a lot about astrology, but I look at it like the seasonal changes around me. The planets and stars have their own patterns and relationships much like the ecosystem around us (and in us.)

My limited understanding allows me to hear what I need rather than getting caught up in what each planet's position means for my present moment.

Looking to the stars helps me gain perspective. “WOW! The Universe is so vast and amazing and here I am worried about whether my pants fit.”  Small. Problems.

It helps me see what’s possible. “Each day up there is different than the next. Relationships and positions are in constant motion. If that’s true for the stars and planets, and I am not separate from the Universe, that must be true for me, too.” Nothing is permanent or static. Not my feelings. Not my bad habits. Not my thought patterns.

It helps me trust. I think, “If things are always changing and it happens without me orchestrating it, how much more easeful could my life be I be if I aligned with the natural rhythms of the world around me?” Ahhh....I feel relaxed. I feel supported. I feel relieved that I'm not actually running the show.

I know tapping into this sense of wonder and trust and relief is difficult for some people. I see it all the time in my own self and my work with people. It takes time and patience. It helps to have practices and habits to allow it to show up more. 

Hear this... Everyone is capable of this alignment and ease. In fact, you’ve already experienced it many times in your life.
Remember that amazing sunrise?
How about that time your were fishing alone on the river?
You know that feeling your get when you walk the trail by your house?
When you hold a brand new baby? 
It’s there inside you. 

If you want more ease, trust, alignment, invite it. Cultivate it. (It is planting season after all.) 

Design your lifestyle to allow it to show up. Slow down. Schedule down time. Put down your phone. Get quiet for a minute. Look out the window. Get up and walk in nature. Do some yoga. Take a bath. Listen to music.

You can always start somewhere. Wherever you are.

YOU are not static nor permanent. You are not stuck this way forever. You, like the planets, are always in motion. Always changing. Allow it to be.