#1 Habit for Staying Healthy

Number one habit for decreasing stress and staying healthy??

Sleep. Not diet. Not exercise. Not herbal supplements. Sleep.

To stay healthy in body and mind, we must begin to prioritize sleep. Winter is the ideal season for sleep banking. It's naturally dark. It's cold. Think hibernation. When you are sleeping, the body and mind clean house. They can't do that when you are Netflixing at 11pm. Aim for 8-9 hours.

If you aren't getting good sleep (can't fall asleep or stay asleep), more often than not you are stressed. Either your body/physiology is stressed or your mind is stressed. You probably know which. Or both. (They are connected, by the way.)

What do you need to do to reduce your stress?
Don't get caught up in the mainstream belief that you are somehow a slave to your lifestyle, your career, the demands of your family. This is outdated. You can design your life. In fact, you have designed the way it is right now. And so, you can change it.

What is the one teeny change you can make today to reduce the stress on your body or mind?

You might think that isn't enough. And it might not be for good sleep tonight, but it's moving you in the direction of better sleep. More than believing you can't change. More than continuing your stressful habits!

How bad to do you want it?
How much more of a life could you have if you weren't sick all the time? We're stressed all the time?
How much more available could you be to your kids, your work, your own hobbies if you felt good?