Stop Rowing Upstream

A teacher of mine always starts her lessons by inviting us to notice the weather outside. It’s a simple way to get out of your head and arrive in the present moment. Tuning into nature helps you be here now. As I practiced this this morning, I noticed the bright moon in the sky at sunrise and the cooler breeze on my face, and, for a moment, I was not absorbed by the thoughts in my head.

The subtle changes in weather reminds us fall is coming and with that change we have the opportunity to adjust our lifestyle as well.  Just like you change what you wear from summer to fall, it’s important to shift your daily rhythm, your diet, and your self-care practices to align with the season. Doing so is like flowing with the current of life versus rowing your boat upstream.

Ayurveda provides us tools for living in rhythm with the changing seasons. We make shifts to our diet, our daily routine and even our spiritual practices. When we do, we receive an abundance of energy, health, wisdom and joy.

As we savor these beautiful late summer days and begin to look ahead towards fall, I invite you to consider the shifts your body, mind and spirit want to make. And know that I am here to teach, guide and support you in your efforts for living vibrantly.