Seasonal Living

Welcome to fall. Where I live, the trees are tinged with yellow, the mornings are cool and foggy, and the last of the cherry tomatoes cling to their browning stems. Changes in the world around us tell us it is time to shift our daily patterns as well.

Fall has a different feeling than summer, than spring. It’s a time for gathering, reflecting, and connecting. The longer nights invite more cozy time, heartier foods and deeper rest. When we align our lifestyle with the season’s energy we find a rhythm. We are more productive.

At the start of every season, I lead people through a process of reflection and planning: Together we design the next 12 weeks by…

  • exploring current commitments and plans

  • considering deeper desires

  • contemplating the needs of our bodies

  • imagining greater balance between obligation and desire

Seasonal planning is always an eye-opening experience for people, and that why I lead this workshop three times a year. The process helps people get clear about what is on their plate, what they want different and how to create it in their life now. If you need this kind of structure and support to live a more intention life, check out my events page and register for our next one.