Hawk Medicine

Yesterday as I was returning from an early morning walk, I noticed two hawks (Cooper's Hawks, I think) swooping around my block. I'd never seen them before so I stopped to watch them for a while. Turns out they were interested in the newly independent, but not quite street-wise adolescent crows. For a meal, I'm supposing. They perched and swooped and generally riled up our neighborhood crows for nearly 90 minutes. The crows didn't seem frightened which was surprising, more annoyed although they did call in some neighboring crow families for some added protection.

I've learned that when something catches our attention like that - something beautiful or unusual - especially if it's occurring in the natural world, it's a prompt for us to stop, take notice and sense whether there is some lesson or message for us. It's a lovely practice and one that provides me much joy. Like a more grown-up version of looking up someone's birthday in those astrological birthday books and seeing if what it says is true! I approach this with a curious attitude, a playfulness - as a reminder to get out of my head and tap into the larger cosmos around me.

My medicine cards had this to say: "Hawk medicine invites us to pay attention. To observe the signals Life is sending you. It's time to heighten awareness and receive the message." It goes on to say, "You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive , and use your abilities."

Thank you, Hawks. I know you were doing your thing without a thought about me, but your presence this morning was a break from the routine and a gift to remind me to pay attention what's happening around me - not just with my mental mind, but with my intuition as well.