Not good at it? Do it anyway.

Stephen Guise wrote the books Mini-habits and How to Be an Imperfectionist. The following are quotes from the latter:

"In general, the idea behind imperfectionism is to not care so much about conditions or results, and care more about what you can do right now to move forward with your identity and your life."

"Care less about results. Care more about putting in the work.

Care less about problems. Care more about making progress despite them. Or if you must fix something, focus on the solution.

Care less about what people think. Care more about who you want to be and what you want to do.

Care less about doing it right. Care more about doing it at all.

Care less about failure. Care more about success.

Care less about timing. Care more about the task."


Is this liberating? To be invited to shift your focus from waiting until you're "ready" to  ________ (fill in the blank) to just taking small steps toward that goal. In fact, it is in taking those small steps that we become the person we're waiting around to become.

So, stop waiting. Stop waiting until you feel ready. Until you have enough money. Until you feel more confident. Until all the things are lined up perfectly.

When you put yourself out there, it inspires others to do the same. And this world needs more people who are living large and doing great things. We need more people sharing their gifts and talents with the world. Sharing exactly who they are right now without all the Instagram editing. 

I'm not a good writer. I'm writing anyway. I don't have my shit figured out. I help people anyway. I'm not super athletic. I move my body anyway. I'm not great at teaching yoga yet. I'm teaching now anyway. I'm moody and indecisive. I'm still making small steps toward my dreams.

How about you?