Thrive the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! How are you all doing?? I love so many things about the holidays. My cranberry spice candle, seasonal coffee beverages, road trips to see family, the lights, the music, holiday cards with the cutest family pictures, the anticipation. 

I also have a tendency to over-do it. I am prone to doing too much and burning out in all the ways. Too much food. Too many sweets. Too many parties, plans, obligations. I'm like a kid in a candy store and I don't know my own limits.

I resolved to do this holiday differently. I am learning from my past mistakes. I realize that more than two sips of an eggnog latte makes me feel crappy. Staying up late to address 100 holidays cards can be more stressful than rewarding. Saying yes to all the invitations because well, FOMO results in me being grumpy with my family and skimping on my self-care. Boo. No more of that.

This year I said no to holiday cards. (Sorry folks. Maybe next year. Thanks for sending me yours though!!) We decided to buy fewer gifts for fewer people. No eggnog lattes for me, but I'll peer pressure anyone I'm with to get one so I can have some sips. And I'm sticking with my morning self-care routine. It keeps me healthy in body, mind and spirit. 

I gave a talk a few weeks ago on how to thrive, not just survive the holidays. I created this tip sheet for people as a reminder to take good care of themselves during the holiday. Simple habits with big results. 

If you are prone to getting swept away in all the energy of the season, join me in resolving to do the holidays differently. To be more present. To arrive in January intact. Your future self thanks you!