At-Home Retreat: Step 4

Are your plans coming together? Are you feeling excited about what you’re creating for yourself?

There’s one more thing that you may need to consider before your At-Home Retreat plan is complete. You need to set some boundaries around your time. Your time away needs to be all you, no strings attached. This means two things:

  1. You may need to protect yourself from yourself! Be aware of old patterns or beliefs that could get in the way of you having the retreat you planned. This means eliminating distractions and using accountability to set yourself up for success.

  2. Your boss or co-workers, your spouse, your kids, or other family members or friends need to be onboard. They may need to make some adjustments to get by without you. This may require some agreements and negotiations… and maybe some creativity.

Definitely don’t skip this step! There is a HUGE benefit of setting boundaries and getting your people on board for your retreat. It will not only free your mind while you are taking your break, it puts your needs back on the priority list.

Prioritizing yourself is essential for your well-being and for you to have capacity to be the person you want to be—and the person the world (and your kids) need you to be.

Watch the Step 4 video and complete the action steps below.

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Action Steps:

  • Use the At-Home Retreat Planner to set yourself up for success with accountability tips.

  • Have a conversation with [important person in your life] to set the boundaries for your retreat.

  • Congratulate yourself for completing all four steps and planning your retreat! Check in on the Facebook group so we can celebrate you too.

You’ve done an awesome job planning your At-Home Retreat.

  • You got clear on why it’s important to prioritize yourself.

  • You put it on the calendar and decided how you’ll spend your retreat time.

  • You are making it super easy to nourish yourself with simple food.

  • You made agreements and got support.

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