At-Home Retreat: Step 2

What is a retreat anyway?
It’s simple: time and space to rest and reconnect with yourself. At minimum, we are saying an At-Home Retreat is four hours of uninterrupted time for yourself. From there, you get to design your time the way you want. If you can arrange more than a few hours, that’s great.

Your retreat could be a whole weekend away with no family or work responsibilities. Or, maybe you can take a whole day to do something relaxing, creative, invigorating, mind-expanding, soul-soothing, or just plain fun. If you’re really pressed for time, you can still retreat. Break the rules and give yourself an hour - sixty continuous minutes of you-time. Door closed. Interruptions permissible only in the case of life-threatening emergency.  

What the Step 2 Video to learn how to schedule and plan your retreat. Then complete the action steps below and get your At-Home Retreat on the calendar!

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Now, these Action Steps are SUPER important:

  • Pick the date(s) for your retreat and put it on your calendar.

  • Use the At-Home Retreat Planner to decide what you will do during your retreat.

  • Check in on our Facebook group to share the date of your retreat.

Don’t skip these steps! Putting the date on the calendar and telling others about it creates accountability which helps you follow through. Still need ideas about what to do with your alone-time? Use the Facebook group to brainstorm and find inspiration!

When you’re done with this step, you can move on to Step 3: Make it Easy

Questions about YOUR AT HOME RETREAT?

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