Let's Get Acquainted


Are you overwhelmed and stressed out? 

Do you feel stuck and unsure what to do?

Do you want to feel better, but aren’t sure how?

You are in the right place!



I have the personal experience, professional expertise and innate passion to help people live better lives. I work with women who want things to be different, but aren’t sure how to get where they want to be.

I've experienced and witnessed the challenge of change. I know trying something different takes courage and it's scary to face what’s not working in our lives. When you work with me, you enter an atmosphere of safety and acceptance - a place where you can dig deep and get real. 


My approach to mental health care is intuitive, holistic and practical. While talking through our challenges in therapy is helpful, thinking and behaving differently is what makes the change. It is useful to know ourselves on a deeper level, but new habits are what transform insight into action.

I use body awareness and mindfulness as a means to enhance traditional talk therapy.  The Vibrant Body/Wise Mind year-long experience combines the science of habit change with the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda for real transformation in body and mind.

My style is authentic, fun, and grounded. My friends call me no-nonsense, eager, and reliable. I do this work because making connections with others is deeply meaningful to me, and I love helping women design lives they want to be living.

Working with me will help you do just that.


I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, yogi and teacher. I am a recovering addict, cancer survivor, spiritual seeker, and nature lover. 

Whether you want to experience greater joy and ease, a deeper connection with yourself and others, or the enthusiasm of living the life of your dreams, I can help you get there.